Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"The Joy of Books"

My mother likes to send me a plethora of articles and videos that she finds in her daily research.  Neither my dad nor I know for sure what she's researching... but she's happy and enjoys writing comments on news articles (some resemble editorials), and comments on Facebook photos - I've asked her to save the humor (which reminds me of another video that she once sent me).  

Although there's nothing quite like spam from your mother, I do appreciate her good intentions.  Every now and then, she does share a winner and I will post it to my Facebook wall.  Problem: she takes that as encouragement and then I get more... and more emails.  

Sometimes, she will ask if I've read this article or that video that she sent.  I will shrug and say no, and that I can't keep up with her and the barrage of emails that fill my plate already.  But that's a lie, and I am confessing publicly. I read them and watch them when I get a chance. "So, thanks, Mom. I appreciate that you care to share." 

This one I particularly enjoyed, and instead of spamming them to colleagues in the English department, I figured I'd take a few minutes and blog about it.

Hint to Mom: Start a blog. It's easy with Google Blogger.

I am hoping this post encourages her in a new way, maybe I will share her blog soon. Enjoy the video. Thanks again, Mom.

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