Monday, December 1, 2014

Professional Development and Pancakes: New Metaphors and Possibilities with Technology

Today I had grandiose notions to share new metaphors and most likely overwhelm my colleagues with TMI (too much information).  To be honest, I did not sleep much last night and over the holiday, I meditated much on what was I going to share with my colleagues.

I imagined TED talks with wow factor of PPT - with remote - or a Prezi that rivaled Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. 

I reread old tweets and considered my audience - tailoring talks to Math and Science and then Arts and Languages at a school of master teachers (many with PhDs) and far more experience than my 13 years.

I thought of countless ways to frame the conversation and reframe the conversation. Yet in the end, I decided this:

1. Empty the cup. Reimagine possibilities.

2. Bring light to FEAR. JAWS
"Tech is..."

3. My David Copperfield (abridged) story.

4. My Heroes

5. Growth Mindset

6. Teacher as Curator, Coach, and Learner.

7. Listen more. Read more. Write more. Less traditional lecturing, quizzing, and testing.

8. It's a conversation. This is an invitation to a conversation.

9. The Modern Pencil. Everything must work.

10. The internet exists. What is possible? Global Classroom.

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