Monday, June 23, 2014

Hacking Education: A Mindset that Embraces Change

This past spring trimester, Phillips Academy's Head of School John Palfrey taught a compelling course called "Hacking Andover; an Experiment in Education in the Digital Age."

It connects in many ways with my first course at Global Online Academy.

Having graduated from Andover in 1992, I continue to be inspired by this special school.
I wish I could have taken this course!

Assignments included a playlist on Youtube:

Students also published content to a variety of social media outlets: Wordpress page, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Plus they had a field trip to MIT.

A student's final argument that echoes Ken Robinson's thoughts on divergent thinking as well as how and why to assimilate technology into the classroom:

This course also reminds me of a video of my history teacher from Andover, Victor Henningsen.
I watch it from time to time, most recently this winter during a snow day, to remind me of my purpose as a teacher.

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