Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Write for the School Newspaper?

Why? People will read your writing!

WRA students reading The Reserve Record

When I attended boarding school, I wrote for the weekly school newspaper, The PhillipianI wrote soccer articles in the fall; indoor-track in the winter; and lacrosse in the spring. While these articles were content driven, I expanded my vocabulary; I wrote with vigor by using action verbs. Frankly, I spent more time on these articles that would be read by over a thousand students, alumni, parents, and faculty - than my English papers that would be graded by one set of eyes.  

I wrote because I enjoyed the feedback from friends. I felt pride seeing my name in print below the headlines. The student editors were my teachers; they were seniors and juniors that served as great mentors. I started my sophomore year with aspirations to be one of the sports editors; while I fell short of my goal (I became an associate sports editor), I appreciated the work and effort that goes into a school newspaper. 

The weekly practice of writing for publication made me a better writer. I learned that writing may not be easy, but with practice, like anything, I gained confidence in my ability to write. And yes, I had fun writing - in a community that valued writing. 

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